Samstag, 25. September 2010

Daily-as promised!

Hey folk!

Okay, so as promised, I want to keep this blog daily, hoping that in the course of time there will be some people actually watching :D
Since I was pretty busy with comission work today, here's just todays WIP(click to see bigger version)

For those who are interested, here are some thoughts concerning the process so far:
In the last few months I have spent quite some time figuring out WICH process I want to go with, when I do my personal work.
As it is with traditional media like oils, there are so many different approchaches to start a painting in digital media as well. You can start by doing a linear sketch, doing greyscale underpaintings first, go very methodic or very chaotic...and so on.
As I said I tried out a lot of different ways, and actually everything worked quite fine for me more or less, so I just decided to keep going with the method which is most natural, and even more important, most fun for me.

I start my paintings from colored chaos :D

Same I did here. Although the painting is pretty far concerning the process in some areas, there are still some spots in there (the dudes hands) which have been untouched since the very beginning, the first 5 minutes of the painting.
I do that because no matter what I paint I want to go for basic composition, colors and atmosphere first and as "artsy" as it might sound, I feel that these attributes of a painting are very emotional and the human beeing is able to interprete all these three things on a very abstract level, meaning that I can see atmosphere, color and composition most clearly in very rough, colored shapes and blobs of color, well at least that works best for me. It's just easier for me to start with something abstract and refine it as I go along rather than starting very clean from the start. Also it allows me to decide HOW far I want to push the rendering and thus the realism as well as it allows me to be able to leave certain areas of the painting more rough, guiving them a more painterly feeling.

soooooo that's it for now, since tomorrow is sunday I will be able to show you the finished version tomorrow :)

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